Student Ministries

A place where students can build authentic relationships with others and with God. 


Fall-Spring Sundays: 9:00-9:50 am | Concordia Academy Commons

Join together on Sunday mornings to discuss our current series.

"Why Be a Christian?"

9am-10am: Hang out together (Arrive anytime during that hour)

10am - Worship in auditorium, then head to Student Ministry Connect room to discuss the personal, practical, and thoughtful reasons why people are Christians. 

September's theme:  "What's in it for me?"

Learn more about Student Ministry Connect, or get the weekly schedule.


Twice a month, after church | Various Locations

Transitions into college, out of college, and into early stages of adulthood can be really tough. You may feel like you're floating in an ocean, just waiting for the next island of solid ground to come. Families at enCompass want to open up their homes to the young adults in the congregation to have a space to gather and do life together.

Upcoming YAC Lunches:

Sunday, December 10

Contact Alex by phone at 763-331-2598 or email.