enCompass staff

  • Vince Miller

    Interim pastor

    Vince Miller grew up on the west coast in Vallejo, California where he spent his childhood. At age 20, he made a profession of faith while in college and felt a sudden and sharp call to work in full-time ministry. After college and graduate school, Vince invested two decades working with notable ministries like Young Life, InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, Eagle Brook Church, and in Senior Interim roles. He currently lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with Christina, his wife of 21 years. They have three children.

    Vince is an authentic and transparent leader who has a deep passion for God's Word. In March of 2014, he founded Resolute out of his passion for the discipleship and leadership development of men. He has authored 11 books, including his newest book CONVICTIONS, which helps men understand how to close the gap between feeling convicted and living with conviction.

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  • darcy mears
    children's ministry coodinator

    Two teenagers in high school, two cats, and one husband at my house keeps me busy enough; however, working with kidZone families gives me a chance to enjoy the babies and toddlers again and I appreciate every minute. Watching the kids blossom in faith and grow in community with each other is very rewarding for me. Three little known facts about this Minnesota girl: 1. I do not like tomatoes or mushrooms (definitely not Minnesotan - it's a texture thing). 2. In my next stage of life, I will write a murder mystery! 3. I find Time Management games on the computer therapeutic and relaxing. 

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  • Alex Blackwell
    student ministry pastor

    When my mom bought me a chinchilla (that I named Scampers), I learned that chinchillas take baths in volcanic dust (seriously, we regularly had to buy Scampers bath dust). I remember telling all of my friends about the cool new fact I learned. Fast forward 20 years, and I still love to learn and share that information with people around me (if you know about Strengthsfinder, these strengths are called learner and input). Above all else, I'm passionate about teaching information that changes lives – which is something I have the privilege of doing in my role as the Student Ministry Pastor at enCompass.

    At home, I am a husband to my wife Alli, who is a nurse, and a dad to our son Gabriel. I love to play almost any sport or board game, I’m slowly growing in my expertise as a cook, homeowner, and dog trainer (we have a dog named Copper), and for twelve days a year I run a flourishing parking business out of my backyard. I am an external processor, so I am always willing to hang out and chat about the latest Star Wars movie, philosophy, theology, and epistemology, or fantasy football.

    Facebook: facebook.com/blackwell.alex

    LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/alexblackwell1

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  • brett carey
    worship leader

    Music has been my passion ever since I can remember, so I finally picked up the guitar when I was 11 years old. Ever since then, I've been writing, recording, and performing original music. I have also been leading worship at enCompass for 5 years now. Some interesting facts you might not know about me: 1. Cats are my favorite animal. 2. My favorite book of the Bible is Habakkuk. 3. My favorite band of all time is Deerhunter.

    Follow me and my musical endeavors on social media:

    Facebook: facebook.com/calvinheights

    Instagram: instagram.com/calvinheights/

    Website: calvinheights.bandcamp.com/

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  • deron vaupel
    ministry administrator

    When I'm not spending time with my wife and two boys, building something (usually out of wood or Lego), or losing to Alex in board games, I'm in the trenches at enCompass, doing what I can to help people draw closer to Jesus.

    I got my start in ministry amidst the cornfields of Illinois, followed by a couple years in churches around the world, and finally settled in Minnesota. I've tried my hand at almost everything in church life, but my greatest joy comes from helping people of our church discover their potential for the kingdom.

    Facebook: facebook.com/deron.vaupel

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  • amber harder
    communications specialist

    I love to write, and even though my best friend and I have been planning to co-author a book since junior high, we have yet to put anything on paper! I get my writing fix these days from my role here at enCompass, making sure everyone has the resources they need to dive deeper into their faith, and the information they need to stay connected with each other.

    When I'm not writing for enCompass, you'll find me either writing for the Twin Cities Moms Blog or chasing after the three beautiful children who are my inspiration for those posts. 

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