who we are

enCompass Church... 

An odd name for a church? Probably. Yet it really expresses what we're all about.

DEF: en*com*pass (verb)        

1. to include, envelop             

2. to bring about, accomplish

Who do we include

Anyone feeling frustrated or alienated by the traditional church. Anyone longing to find God, but unsure where to look. Anyone aspiring to enrich their current faith in Christ. Anyone who simply wants to see what we're all about.

What do we accomplish

Hopefully, lots of good things. Serving people outside our church is a big priority for us. We're committed to getting out into our community and world to accomplish service projects big and small. 

Why the capital C in enCompass? 

Because the word Compass also expresses an important part of who we are. Like a compass, our church functions as a "direction finder," always pointing to God as the way to a satisfying life and the promise of heaven. 

what we believe

The 7 core beliefs of enCompass Church:

1) We're seekers of truth. We believe that Scripture contains the foundational and essential truth for discovering how to love God with all our minds, hearts, and souls. Through reading, studying, discussing, and reflecting upon Scripture we seek to apply God’s wisdom to all facets of our lives.

2) We're followers of Christ. We believe that Christ is the only perfect human expression of God’s character and intentions. With Christ as our example and the Holy Spirit as our guide we strive to demonstrate his character in our thoughts, attitudes, words, and actions.

3) We're celebrants of grace. We believe that because of our own sin and shortcomings, none of us deserve the grace and forgiveness of God. As the life and death of Christ offer us new hope and opportunity, we invite others to experience God’s grace with us.

4) We're a community of action. We believe that faith without action is worthless. We join together to use our time, energy, abilities, and resources to generate purposeful service for Christ in our local and global communities.

5) We're lovers of people. We believe that since all people are loved by God, we're called to reflect that love. We seek to demonstrate love and offer service to others, no matter their background, beliefs, or circumstances.

6) We're innovators of ministry. We believe that God is both the Creator and the source of all creativity. We continually change, adapt, and innovate new forms of ministry and outreach to inspire others and accomplish our purpose.

7) We're promoters of hope. We believe that God's purpose will fully and completely be accomplished when Christ returns again to earth. In the meantime, we continually look for God's goodness each and every day. (See our Mission, Values, and Vision.)


enCompass got its start back in 2005 thanks in large part to initiative and financial support from Grace Fellowship Church, Willowbrook Community Church, and Grace Point Church.

We are affiliated with Converge Worldwide (Baptist General Conference), whose Affirmation of Faith we have adopted as our own.

We have enthusiastically initiated and participated in the launch of Renovation Church in Blaine (2009), Ignite Church in Oakdale (2012), Hope Bridge Church in Plymouth (2012), and Revision Church in Des Moines, IA (2015).