FAQ for enCompass Church members

1)  What is the timeline/steps of the pastoral search process?  

  • enCompass has chosen to use our conference (Converge Worldwide) as a resource for facilitating the pastoral search process through the Converge Pastor Placement Process (P3).  Converge partners have been assigned as representatives to assist the Search Team.
  • The P3 process is divided into the following phases: Preparing for the Search, Describing the Church, Preparing for Candidates, which includes posting the position (week of April 8th), Evaluating Candidates, and Post-Search/Onboarding.
  • The Leadership Board has responsibility for 7 tasks and the Search Team for 20 tasks, each occurring at a specific point in the process. 
  • Converge statistics indicate that the process typically requires one month of searching for each year the previous pastor was in place.  For enCompass, this means it may be upwards of 1 year, which is also the average length of a pastoral search.


2) What work has been done to date?  

  • The Search Team continues to meet weekly to work through the P3 process which identifies the steps and timeline for each activity.
  • To date, the Leadership Board and the Search Team have independently completed a church profile that identifies church demographics, defines our doctrinal beliefs, and describes church ministries, structure, and governance.
  • A job description, church history and description, and marketing materials have been completed.
  • A survey was administered and analyzed to gather input from the church community.
  • The Leadership Board and Search Team spent time in a joint session, facilitated by our Converge Worldwide representatives, to incorporate the survey data and ensure alignment on critical components before posting the position.


3)  How is the job being marketed? 

  • The P3 process includes access to their national database of people interested in being considered for various pastor positions. The matching process pairs qualified candidates with open positions.
  • Outside the P3 process, the enCompass website has a new Lead Pastor page which includes information about the church, the job description, and how to apply. The job will also be posted on multiple job posting and seminary websites across the country.
  • Word of mouth is also a valuable means of communicating the opportunity.


4)  What happens after the position is posted?   

  • The job will be posted for 6 weeks.
  • After the posting closes, the Converge P3 staff evaluates and matches candidates to the previously completed church profile.  
  • Each candidate matched is assessed and interviewed by the Search Team and a final candidate is presented to the Leadership Board.


5) Will we have a chance to see/hear our future Pastor speak before making a decision?  

  • Yes! The final candidate will be invited to speak at a Sunday service which will be announced two consecutive Sundays in advance. 
  • Following the service, Church Community Members will cast their votes by ballot.


6) Who is on the Search Team?  The Search Team consists of Ben Behnen, Amber Lynch, Jim Matthias, Mindy Molin, Peggy Rosen, and Brenda Wetzel. Feel free to ask questions of any team member.

7) What can I do to help?  

  • Pray for the Search Team, the Leadership Board, our candidates, our church family, and our future. Pray for the church to be encouraged and unified while we work through the process, perseverance and discernment for the Search Team and Leadership Board, and protection over all. And thank God for preparing the perfect person to be our new Lead Pastor.
  • Spread the word to anyone who might be interested in the position.
  • Use your Connection Card to submit questions and for any ideas/suggestions on how we can keep the congregation posted on progress/updates.  
  • Remain active and engaged to ensure we get the right Pastor for our church.
  • Watch for information and be sure to attend the church service to see and hear our Pastoral Candidate speak.