Adult ministries

From drop-in, casual events to extended-length courses, we've got a place for you!

Connect Groups (see below) offer our best way to grow in your faith and make new friends at enCompass Church.

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connect groups - Summer 2018

  • Group 1 - young adults

    Led by Alex & Alli Blackwell

    Gather with other 20-somethings to study scripture together and discuss what life transition looks like.

    Meeting Time: Sundays after church @ 12

    Location: enCompass Homes

  • group 2 - mom's play group

    Facilitated by Samantha Barrett & Kayley Smith

    Enjoy some fun, fellowship and quality time with other moms and their kids. Open to any and every mom who can join in as often as your schedule allows.

    Meeting Time: Alternating Tuesday & Wednesday Mornings, 10am-Noon

    Location: Various Locations

  • group 3 - dad's group

    Led by Deron Vaupel & Friends

    Join with other dads as we discuss, among other things, faith and how it relates to the always interesting job of parenting. 

    Meeting Time: Tuesday evenings, 8:30-10pm

    Location: Roseville Perkins Snelling & B2 (near Target)

  • group 4 - mom's night out

    Led by Kelly Matthias & Amber Harder

    This is a place for moms to gather in a casual atmosphere to share ideas, prayer requests, and life stories.

    Meeting Time: Every other Thursday, 7:30pm

    Location: Various locations

  • Group 5 - dad's night out

    Led by Zac Harder

    Enjoy flavorful foods, fantastic fellowship, frosty fermentations, and other things that

    may appeal to the average dad.

    Meeting Time: Every other Thursday, 7:30pm

    Location: Various Locations

  • group 6 - Boys o' the bible

    Led by Mark Deisinger

    Take a more in-depth look at a book of the Bible with a group of men who are excited to learn and grow.

    Meeting Time: Wednesday mornings, 6:45-8:00am

    Location: Kowalski's, Hwy 96 and Hodgson Rd

  • Group 7 - women's coffee and conversation

    Led by Amanda Deitner

    Up for some laughs and a latte? In the mood to chat over chai? Hang out with us one Sunday evening each month for a great time getting to know other enCompass women. 

    Meeting Times: Third Sunday of each month, 7-9PM

    Location: Barnes & Noble, 2100 Snelling Ave, Roseville

  • group 8 - prayer group

    Led by Lisa Vaupel

    Curious about prayer? Thinking about dipping your toes in the water? enCompass is entering a season of reevaluating our prayer ministry, and you're invited to join as we grow together in our understanding and experience of prayer.

    Meeting Times to be determined

    Location: Various Locations

  • group 9 - community service team

    Led by David Brosnahan

    Join together with this team to help plan and prepare for church-wide community service projects. Your good ideas, willing hands and a desire to serve can make a true difference!

    Meeting Time: This group meets on an "as needed" basis

    Location: Various Locations

  • group 10 - Sunday Morning connect groups

    There's more than just a worship service at enCompass on Sunday mornings. Groups meet for all ages, beginning at 9am!

    Meeting Time: Sunday mornings, starting at 9am

    Location: Concordia Academy