Missions at encompass

We strive to follow 5 Guiding Principals when engaging with missions and outreach at enCompass. 

Learn more about each of these principals below. 

Using these principles, we have identified these organizations as our current outreach partners.

Want to suggest a ministry for possible partnership? Begin an application here!

Through our Missions Fund, we also have scholarships available to those seeking to attend Camp Cherith, Urbana (a global missions conference), and also for those wishing to participate in an International Internship experience. Apply for these funds here.

  • fills a gap

    Focusing our support to meet an unmet need (locally or globally) where it will make a meaningful difference.

    We don't want to be a community that does what everyone else is doing simply because it's the latest headline. We want to take a closer look at who isn't being served and how we could make the greatest impact.

  • serves materially poor

    Alleviate some of the stress associated with material poverty.

    There's a lot of poverty in the world in the emotional and spiritual realm and we don't want to ignore that. But we believe that addressing the emotional or spiritual poverty of a person begins with alleviating some of the stress that comes with being materially poor. It's nearly impossible to start talking about the Kingdom of God while people lack basic needs. Our hope and belief is that as we work to alleviate some of these needs, people will hear the Gospel and start to move towards emotional and spiritual wholeness.

  • Champion

    A leader within enCompass who advocates for the mission from proposal through development, launch and ongoing execution.

    This includes goal setting, leading efforts to build interest and engage church community members, and sharing information and updates on mission developments/progress. We want to see church community members step up and lead the things they are excited about leading. We want to see people "champion" the cause that they are passionate for.

  • partnership

    A mutually beneficial relationship having clearly defined responsibilities and expectations, 

    focused on achieving aligned goals over a defined period of time.

    We are committed to being in a partnership with those we serve - this means we are both bringing something to the relationship. It's not a relationship where we give and they take. And it's not merely a financial transaction. This shared accountability keeps one side from burning out and it adds more dignity into the process for those we are serving.

  • engagement

    Interest within the enCompass church body that motivates involvement and commitment.

    This is where the congregation as a whole comes in. We want church community members to be excited and involved with the missions enCompass partners with and supports.