serves materially poor

Alleviate some of the stress associated with material poverty.

There's a lot of poverty in the world in the emotional and spiritual realm and we don't want to ignore that. But we believe that addressing the emotional or spiritual poverty of a person begins with alleviating some of the stress that comes with being materially poor. It's nearly impossible to start talking about the Kingdom of God while people lack basic needs. Our hope and belief is that as we work to alleviate some of these needs, people will hear the Gospel and start to move towards emotional and spiritual wholeness.

serves materially poor - informal text

We believe that before you can take care of someone's deeper hurts in life - the emotion or spiritual hurts - you have to first take care of their basic needs. We want to begin here, providing for others' basic needs. Our hope is that as we begin to do so, people will hear the Gospel and God will start healing them emotionally and spiritually.