Alex blackwell - ministry profile

Alex is in his 10th year of professional ministry and 14th year of ministry leadership. With InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Winona State University, he led a staff team, team of small group leaders and the vision team in directing the ministry. After three years, he answered a call to plant an InterVarsity chapter at the University of Minnesota. Within two of his five years there, the ministry grew from 3 to 50 consistent students and a team of eight leaders. Alex’s chapter leadership included responsibility for developing the staff, student leadership and post-graduate volunteers. Through this he gained experience in team and student leadership development, volunteer recruitment and coordination, large group coordination, small group coordination, Bible Study facilitation, conference planning, and speaking.

In his first year as the Student Ministries Pastor at enCompass Church, he built the ministry into a healthy group of 20 young adults and expanded his experience in working with ministry staff and leadership board, volunteer recruitment and development, connect group facilitation, announcements, preaching, service coordination, event planning, and vision development.

Alex’s strengths include organization, creating order and building self-sustaining systems. He is able to identify and diagnose issues, evaluate what is needed, and lead difficult discussions to implement the change needed to treat the core issue rather than the symptoms. One of his passions is helping others discover themselves and their own passions and natural strengths, and watching them thrive in a ministry role, while growing in their character.

For 15 years, Alex has worked toward his goal of becoming a senior pastor and continues to feel God’s hand guiding him in that direction. He is intentional in pursuing life balance and healthy patterns of growth and development and passionate about setting an example for other young and future pastors.